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Walcheren - Zeeland

Walcheren is also known as the ‘The garden of Zeeland’ and consists of the three municipalities of Middelburg, Veere and Vlissingen. Vlissingen is where Largo Noordzee Resort Vlissingen is located while Largo Noordzee Résidence Dishoek is in the Veere region. 

Art & culture

Vlissingen is a unique city where the urban character is combined with the offerings of beach and sea. The city centre has a mix of monumental buildings such as the St. Jacobskerk and the MuZEEum, and contemporary architecture such as ‘De Dobberende Dozen’. To avoid missing any Vlissingen art and culture, various art routes are marked out, which can be found on the website, Kunst in Vlissingen. Walking and biking are the best ways to discover art in the city centre, and to arrive at the real attraction of Vlissingen, the Boulevard de Ruyter. 


Maritime Vlissingen

The city motto: “Vlissingen is the boulevard and the boulevard is Vlissingen”. At about two kilometres long, Boulevard de Ruyter is the longest beach boulevard in the Netherlands. The view from Boulevard de Ruyter looks out over the Westerschelde, one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. Ships can be seen at close quarters as they pass by just a stone-throw away. Want to experience what it's like sailing on one of the world's busiest shipping lanes? You can! With Zeehondensafari Vlissingen you can sail over the Westerschelde near huge ocean-going ships, catch a unique glimpse of these ships being piloted, and spot some seals.  

Most hours of sunshine

Boulevard de Ruyter is also the only boulevard in Europa facing due south. So it's no surprise that the city of Vlissingen is consistently top of the list for the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. The most recent figures are from 2018, when Vlissingen counted 803 sunshine hours while the Dutch average is 763 hours. Want to enjoy the most hours of sunshine in the Netherlands? Take a walk along the Boulevard and stop a while in one of the many outdoor cafés, such as the Gevangentoren, Grand Café Next or Panta Rhei, where it's good to be in summer and winter with a superb view over the sea. 


Beach & dunes

Along the Boulevard de Ruyter there is the Badstrand and a few steps way, the Nollestrand. For the 16th year in a row, both beaches have been awarded the 'Blue Flag', an international award for the cleanest and safest beaches. So these beaches are perfect for spending a carefree day at the seaside. The Vlissingen beaches are just right for a day of sunbathing or building sandcastles with the kids. The dunes at the Nollestrand offer beautiful views over beach and sea, and on a clear day you can see kilometres out over the water. 

Largo Noordzee Resort Vlissingen

Largo Noordzee Resort Vlissingen lies at the foot of the dunes and the Boulevard. The ideal base from which to enjoy the combination of city and beach, nature and culture. Suitable for six people, the Dune Lodges lie in the middle of a sustainably-created dune landscape, while the Urban Villas for six people fully face south with a view over the edge of the dunes. Every morning, the first sun rays reach the Dune Lodges and Urban villas over the top of the dunes. The Boulevard, dunes, and closest restaurants of Vlissingen are just a flight of stairs away from the resort. 

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The beach and the sea at your feet



Just a few kilometres away from Vlissingen, Dishoek is a coastal village by the foot of the dunes at the beach crossover of Kaapduin. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape and wide beaches, Dishoek is an ideal base for completely winding down. Its beaches feature characteristic breakwaters. The Zuidstrand has received the international 'Blue Flag' award for the 23rd time. At the foot of the beach crossover is the small centre of Dishoek, which has a square at its centre. Here there are various restaurants, such as De Dis or Grand Café Blur. Enjoy a good wine or full meal at a table outdoors in the summer, or indoors in the cosy lounge in winter. 

Coastal routes

Or go out and about! In and around Dishoek, there are various coastal routes for biking to areas of windswept dunes, quiet country lanes and typical charming villages. There's a lovely hilly hiking path of about 4 kms passing right through the Dishoek dunes to Vlissingen and back. Ideal for discovering the beautiful dune landscape on foot and to reach the Boulevard or the centre of Vlissingen. 

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LARGO De Veerse Wende Veerse Meer Uitzicht op haven Veere

Nearby villages

More must-see places to visit from Dishoek are nearby Zoutelande, a pleasant family seaside resort, and Veere, a picturesque medieval village. These villages are respectively 5 and 15 km from Dishoek.  

Largo Noordzee Résidence Dishoek

Largo Noordzee Résidence Dishoek lies on the central square at the foot of the dunes. The resort offers various accommodation possibilities. There are luxury apartments with views over the square for four to six people, and various villas suitable for four to nine people. Facilities vary per accommodation. Some accommodations have a private sauna, covered patio, outdoor kitchen, or outdoor shower. 

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By the foot of the dunes

Noordzee Résidence Dishoek Villa's

Perfect destination for spring

A breath of fresh air

Vlissingen is not only the perfect hotspot in summer. Every season has its charm. Linda Korsten of FietsActief stayed at LARGO Noordzee Resort Vlissingen in a Dune Lodge and experienced the Zeeland coast during early spring. You can read her story full of great moments below.

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A breath of fresh air

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