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Veerse Meer - Zeeland

The ‘Veerse Meer’ is also known as the pearl of Zeeland. The ‘Veerse Meer’ practically lies in the 'heart of Zeeland' and is regarded as a unique nature reserve due to a culvert in the Zandkreek dam that ensures a supply of salt water from the Oosterschelde. This way the rare saltwater species, such as Zuiderzee crabs, Australian tube worms and eel fry can enter the Verse Meer where they find their ideal habitat in the combination here of sea and fresh water.

Adventurous & versatile 

Because of a culvert in the Zandkreekdam the rare saltwater species, such as Zuiderzee crabs, Australian tube worms and eel fry can enter the Verse Meer where they find their ideal habitat in the combination here of sea and fresh water. The ‘Veerse Meer’ is a brackish lake and is not affected by the tides as there is no open connection with the North Sea. This lack of tides makes the ‘Veerse Meer’ an excellent place for a variety of water sports. For the more adventurous and sporty types, there are opportunities for diving, swimming, surfing, sailing, canoeing, and even water skiing and wake boarding. Learn these water sport activities in a few hours by taking lessons at one of the many sports businesses around the ‘Veerse Meer’, such as ‘Schotsman Watersportcentrum’, ‘Veerse Dam Surf School’ and ‘De Arne Watersports’. Perhaps you've already mastered all the above water sports. No problem: all water sports can also be carried out on the ‘Veerse Meer’ on your own initiative.  

veerse meer
veerse meer

A great place to relax

The ‘Veerse Meer’ is also a great centre for those who seek relaxation, yet would like to experience new places. A motorboat or dingy can be hired from ‘Sloep & Meer’ and ‘De Arne Watersports’ for exploring the nature reserve from the water. It's good to know that free mooring is available at four of the twelve small islands on the ‘Veerse Meer’, so these can be visited as well. These islands ‘Aardbeieneiland’, ‘Mosselplaat’, ‘Haringvreter’ and ‘Arneplaat’ are perfect for leaving the boat for a while to stretch the legs. There's space enough to take a walk, throw ball, or enjoy a picnic. A pleasant change of scene during a day out boating. 

Culinary & picturesque

Another nice change and definitely a must-do is to moor the boat in the picturesque village of Veere. From the ‘Veerse Meer’, it's easy to reach the Veere jetty and then wander about exploring this medieval town with its ancient streets and monuments, such as the ‘Museum Veere’, ‘Markt 7’ of ‘Kaai 19’, or have a wonderful meal in one of the charming restaurants of this picturesque village. ‘De Camperveerse Toren’, ‘De Werf’,  and ‘1611’ are highly recommended for lunch or dinner in Veere.

LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Veere
veerse meer

Discover the environment

For those preferring to stay on land (not everyone has a pair of sea legs!), there are plenty of other things to do around the ‘Veerse Meer’. There are various marked hiking routes to follow on foot, and the entire perimeter of the ‘Veerse Meer’ can be explored on a fifty-five kilometre route by bike. These routes can be found on the VVV Zeeland (Tourist Information) website. Perhaps you would like to cross the Veerse Meer without having to sit on a boat all day. The ‘Rondje Pontje’ (ferry) takes you from Veere to Kamperland and back to discover the other shore as well.

Fashion in Zeeland

For the serious fashionistas, there are plenty of opportunities to score in nearby Goes and Middelburg, the capital of Zeeland, with a wide choice of the bigger fashion stores and small local boutiques. Goes has ‘Bubbles Theme Store’, ‘Bags By-J’ and ‘Afslag 29’, all musts for local boutiques, while in Middelburg there's ‘BMK Interieurs’, ‘InMiddels’ and ‘Moois en Meer’. 

Ultiem ontspannen direct aan het Veerse Meer

Alles binnen handbereik

Het Veerse Meer biedt vele mogelijkheden. Van een boot excursie tot surfen; het kan allemaal. In de villa’s van LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer zit u direct aan wat door velen ook wel de parel van Zeeland wordt genoemd. Rebecca van My Travel Boektje verbleef in één van de watervilla’s en deelde haar ervaringen. Lees hieronder haar verhaal.

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LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Uitzicht
Alles binnen handbereik

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