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You are welcome at all Largo resorts, these are open. Of course we take various measures to protect you and our employees.In doing so we comply with the guidelines as set out by the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), as well as by the government. This means some facilities may be closed. The facilities that remain open will undergo more frequent, deep cleans. Please follow the staff's guidelines and instructions at all times. To help ensure you enjoy a safe, carefree stay with us. You can read more information about the precautions under "for your and our safety"

Can I rebook my vacation to a later time?

You can always use our rebooking guarantee. Largo allows you to change your booking up to 28 days before your arrival date, at no extra cost. This could include expanding your tour group or changing the time period or your holiday accommodation. A holiday at a different time or different destination may, of course, cost a little more. In that case, only the difference is charged (so you don't pay any change fees). Please get in touch with our Guest Service to inform us of any changes.

Get away together

Can I stay in 1 house with friends or family?

Yes, you can stay in the same house with friends or several households, as long as you are 1.5 meters apart.

For your safety and ours

General measures

We adhere to at least 1.5 m social distancing.

We believe greeting one another is absolutely fine but ask you to keep a safe distance apart and not to shake hands.

We regularly wash our hands with soap. We ensure ample soap and paper hand towels are available at all times. Disinfectant stations are set up at multiple locations.

We sneeze and cough into our elbows.

Checking in & out

Have you been given a door pin code or key card? If so, you can drive straight to your accommodation. You do not need to check in or out at Reception. You do not need to drop the key card off at Reception upon departure.

Don’t have a door pin code or key card? If so, please come to Reception to check in & out (max. 1 person per accommodation, no groups).

Your accommodation

As ever, we ensure your holiday home is properly cleaned. In these unprecedented times we will do so even more thoroughly. For example, by ventilating your holiday home prior to your arrival, using new cloths for each new area and disinfecting all surfaces and points of contact, such as (door) handles and light switches. All guidelines and instructions for a safe stay can be found on the flyer in your accommodation.

All facilities

The number of visitors per facility is restricted. To safeguard 1.5 m social distancing, some facilities may limit group sizes, such as at Reception. The other members of your group can briefly wait outside, of course.

Signed routes have been introduced in a number of places. These ensure social distancing is upheld between guests arriving and leaving. The signed routes are easily identified by the floor signage.

There is always the option to pay via the card machine with contactless payments being the preferred choice. This avoids unnecessary hand contact.

All points of contact are cleaned every 30 minutes, or after use.

All our staff members wear gloves and face masks, for your safety and theirs.

Many facilities have a plastic screen. Ensuring our staff can safely interact with you.

Bike rental

If possible, we advise you to book your bike rental in advance. You can collect pre-booked bikes outside; our staff will tell you where to collect the key(s).

Upon accepting the receipt, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions of hire. To avoid unnecessary contact, we will not ask for a confirmation signature.

Wellness treatments

(Facial) treatments in the wellness are now possible again, on the basis of a reservation.

the leisure voucher

What is the leisure voucher?

Due to the exceptional situation created by the coronavirus, this sector-wide leisure voucher has been introduced. 

The leisure voucher is a voucher that you can use as an online means of payment when you book a new stay with us because your originally booked stay at one of our parks cannot take place or you have chosen not to continue your stay. The value of the leisure voucher is equal to the travel sum you have already paid. You can use the leisure voucher as a means of payment for a new booking up to 12 months after the original arrival date with an arrival date of 30 September 2021 at the latest.

Also read the HISWA-RECRON conditions for the leisure voucher.

How does the leisure voucher work?

You can use the leisure voucher as a means of payment for a new booking on our website, with an arrival date before 30 September 2021. You therefore book a new trip within 12 months of your original arrival date with an arrival date of 30 September 2021 at the latest. The leisure voucher is easy to redeem online. You use the link that you received with your leisure voucher.

1. Click on the link underneath the voucher in the email attachment. This will take you to the offer page.

2. You choose your desired holiday park and holiday home. Then select the desired arrival and departure dates.

3. When making the booking, a screen appears automatically in which you enter the leisure voucher code. The amount of the voucher is now automatically deducted from the total amount.

4. You fill in the remaining data and place the booking. The value of the leisure voucher expires after you have made the booking.

The value of the leisure voucher is equal to the travel sum already paid and the voucher is valid for 12 months from the original date of arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our parks soon.

How long will the leisure voucher remain valid?

You can use the leisure voucher up to 12 months after your original arrival date to book a new stay with us. The exact date is stated on your leisure voucher. The arrival date of the new trip must be no later than 30 September 2021.For example: you had booked a stay with an arrival date of 1 May 2020. Then you have until 30 April 2021 to book a new holiday with the voucher. The arrival date of this new holiday must be no later than 30 September 2021.

Do I have to spend the whole amount of the leisure voucher at once?

No, that is not necessary. You decide how you spend the value of the leisure voucher. If the cost of your new booking is less than the value of the leisure voucher, you will keep the remaining amount as a leisure voucher. We therefore recommend that you keep the leisure voucher in a safe place. Please note that the leisure voucher is valid up to 12 months after your original arrival date.

I cancelled my holiday because of the coronavirus, but now I want a leisure voucher. Is that possible?  

Yes, it is. You can request a leisure voucher. By requesting the leisure voucher, you cancel your cancellation. We will send you a leisure voucher within 14 days. Please note this is only possible if your original arrival date was between 14 March and 1 June. 

I am not planning on going on holiday before 30 September 2021. Can you pay me the (remaining) value of the leisure voucher?

It has been agreed with the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that you can receive the (residual) value of the leisure voucher. You can request this from 1 June 2021.

Can I give the leisure voucher to someone else?

No, this is not possible. The leisure voucher is in your name. So, you have to use the voucher yourself when making a new booking.

The leisure voucher I received is only for the value of the first payment, but I've just made a second payment. How did this happen and is the payment still valid?

If you made a second payment after the request but before your leisure voucher was sent, the value of the voucher will be equal to your first payment. The second payment will then be refunded.

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