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A breath of fresh airPerfect destination for spring

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Vlissingen is not only the perfect hotspot in summer. Every season has its charm. Linda Korsten of FietsActief stayed at LARGO Noordzee Resort Vlissingen in a Dune Lodge and experienced the Zeeland coast during early spring. You can read her story full of great moments below.

Largo Noordzee Resort Vlissingen Duinlodge
Vlissingen tijdens voorjaar
Strand Vlissingen
Boulevard Vlissingen

Hidden pearl by the sea

It is a hidden place, perfectly balanced on the edge of town and beach. "Even people who live in Vlissingen are surprised when they see this," says Ineke of LARGO Noordzee Resort Vlissingen. The small-scale resort is beautifully landscaped, it's like standing in the middle of the dunes. Thanks to marram grass (dune grass) there is a very natural barrier around the holiday homes. So you have a lot of privacy inside and on the terrace while still keeping a sense of space. We have a freestanding wood clad Dune Lodge, but there are also lovely sunny 'Urban Villas' with a green sedum roof. They all have stoves, ideal in early spring!

Panta Rhei Vlissingen

Lovely beach pavilion in Vlissingen: Panta Rhei

Using our own key we can go through a gate and up the stairs to the boulevard. We're upstairs, where we can get a breath of fresh air after the car ride. A coffee at the lovely Panta Rhei beach pavilion, where we have an almost 360-degree view over the sea, and then we take a long walk on the beach. 

Wereld Windorgel Vlissingen

Further on, huge waves hit the coast

A breath of fresh air

First we take a look at the Wereld Windorgel, at the tip of the Nolledijk. It's windy so we hear all kinds of strange, almost extra-terrestrial sounds through the bamboo tubes in which holes have been made. A little further down the coast, huge waves crash – which is always lovely to see. We walk back behind the boulevard, through the water tower from 1896 and the beautiful historic residential area that the park borders.

It's like standing in the middle of the dunes

Great restaurant on the boulevard of Vlissingen

For that evening we made a reservation at Brasserie BLVD: right at the spot where 'our' little stairs from the park lead to the boulevard. That reservation doesn't seem to be a bad idea: it's a very small restaurant that will soon be full. And we soon notice: what great cuisine! The menu is full of surprising dishes. You get the view over the beach and the lights of Breskens on the other side for free. Back at the cottage we light the wood-burning stove before we roll into bed. When I go to sleep I can hear a ship tufting into the sea in the distance. In the morning I wake up to the sound of seagulls. The sea calls!

Noordzee bij Vlissingen
Fietsroute door Vlissingen

'Vlissingen aan het front' cycle route

The next day we get on our bikes and take the 'Vlissingen aan het front' route. In and around the city you'll find a lot of fortifications because there have been regular battles in Vlissingen over the past centuries. The Spaniards and the French (led by Napoleon) left their traces here. We cycle along the kilometres of boulevard in the direction of the city centre and then first have a cup of coffee at the Gevangentoren – a remnant of a city gate from the fifteenth century. They also have special cakes here, so you've been warned...

Bicycle network to Liberation Museum Zeeland

The route also leads past bunkers and defences from the Second World War. We combine a museum with our cycling tour: Liberation Museum Zeeland, about 17 km from Vlissingen. The film at the beginning is very impressive, so don't miss it (or not in its entirety). The stories of those who talk about their childhood in WWII, combined with authentic black and white images, really come across. The setup is also made in such a way that you can get the feeling that you are reading without directly having to read everything. Also take a look at the Liberation Park, here are reconstructions from the Battle of the Scheldt complete with bunkers, a bailey bridge, barricades and Shermant tanks.

Fietsen over Walcheren
Fort Rammekes

By bike along Fort Rammekens

The museum is easy to find: via the bicycle network you'll pass between 45 and 87 by yourself. From the Vlissingen aan het front route it's an extra 10 km back and forth from junction 92 at the nature reserve around Fort Rammekens. It is the oldest sea fort in Western Europe, built on the order of Charles V in 1547.From mid-April to the end of October, the largely dilapidated fort can be visited on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The entrance gate of the Fort Rammekens is fun to take in anyway. The last day we take a long walk on the beach and then warm up by the wood-burning stove. Game of chess... nice and cosy!

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