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Autumn is thé time to move into natureINDIAN SUMMER IN ZEELAND

A stay on the Zeeland coast is for many for ultimate relaxation. Enjoy endless beaches, beautiful nature, great food & drinks. Usually in the summer, but this certainly applies in the fall. Let yourself be surprised by this special season.

The origin of the Indian Summer is in North America and represents a period in which it is very warm for the time of year, autumn, after a period when it was cold and autumnal. Blue skies, a bright sun in the sky, colorful landscapes and details. Originally, only the period in November was so named, but according to climatologists, sudden heat in September may also be called Indian Summer.

Typically Dutch skies

Nice wind

That sudden heat can be well explained meteorologically. Because of a high pressure area, the wind comes from the west instead of from the east. And that produces warm air. An Indian Summer lasts at least 3 days and can last up to 2 weeks. After that, it is really done with the fun and the winter looks unperturbed around the corner.

Bright red samphire and purple sea stars

Autumn can sometimes be very short and intense, an autumn storm can cause all the leaves to fall from the trees at once. In the Zeeland delta, autumn always starts early, often in September. The salt marshes with samphire then turn bright red and the sea asters bloom purple and form fluffy seed heads. This is the Dutch Indian Summer, a pleasant temperature and bright autumn colors. Autumn is the time to move into nature. And why go far away when this special beauty of nature is almost within reach?

The Oosterschelde National Park

The Oosterschelde National Park, with its salty coastline and the beautiful bird-rich salt marshes, is a great place. There is no better place to view the typically Dutch skies than here, in the largest National Park in the Netherlands. Because of the power of the ebb and flow there is always something to experience; under water, inside and outside dike, in the dunes, on the beaches and along the dike.

The Zeepeduinen

The Zeepeduinen at Burgh-Haamstede is another special place with its vastness, virtually no paved paths and peace and space. The dunes on Schouwen-Duiveland remind us of the 'primeval nature'. This is how a large part of Dutch nature once looked like. During an autumn walk you could just meet a couple of roaring deer. September and October are the months of the deer brewing. The male red deer does a lot of effort in this time to impress the hinds and their rivals. There is a lot of bumping by the deer; an impressive sound that you must have heard at least once in your life. The males can also compete with each other, an impressive spectacle.

Thermic birds, green woodpeckers and lizards

Besides deer, it is also possible that you can spot thermic birds, green woodpeckers and lizards in the Zeepeduinen. Moreover, a very special animal shows itself occasionally: the tree frog. A very small bright green frog. Observations of groups of thermics - to let themselves be hunted - birds of prey make a big impression even on the most spoiled birdwatcher. Since time immemorial this also applies to ordinary mortals; the ancient Greeks were already talking about an endless stream of birds of prey that passed by Constantinople.

Rustling waves & salty sea breeze

Not a fan of the forest? The Zeeland coast offers you every chance of a refreshing beach walk. The rushing waves in the surf and the salty sea breeze make for a special experience. Between Dishoek and Vlissingen you will find a beautiful wide sandy beach where you can walk for miles. The same applies to Cadzand. In the autumn it is also wonderfully quiet. Warm up with a hot chocolate with whipped cream or relax with a delicious cocktail in one of the beautiful beach clubs that the coast of Zeeland is rich. Enjoying the view of the endless beach and the sea and the setting sun, a stay on the Zeeland coast for ultimate relaxation, also in autumn.

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