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LARGO Waterrijk Oesterdam

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Where Brabant Meets Zeeland

There where Brabant meets Zeeland, in the middle of National Park Oosterschelde, you will find LARGO Waterrijk Oesterdam. The ideal place for lovers of nature, peace and space. Choose a nice spot on the terrace or veranda of your detached, luxurious water villa and enjoy. Water sports enthusiasts are also at the right address here. Sailing with your own boat or a rental boat, kayaking, diving and water skiing are among the many possibilities. The city of Antwerp is less than half an hour's drive from the resort.


Oesterdam 3
4691 PV Tholen

At open water, in the middle of National Park Oosterschelde, LARGO Waterrijk Oesterdam offers special water villas in every respect. Over the years, Waterrijk Oesterdam has grown into a full-fledged resort with beautiful facilities and luxurious accommodations, designed by Dutch designer Piet Boon. The Piet Boon homes within the plan clearly carry the same signature, but offer plenty of diversity. This gives the park as a whole a lively appearance and a natural cadence.


Middle of 2019

In February 2018, work started on the construction of new central facilities in the heart of the Waterrijk Oesterdam, near the entrance, the beach and the marina. The central facilities will house various catering establishments such as ZINK, the new à la carte restaurant, a fish and oyster bar, a takeaway and an outside terrace with a cabana beach. It will also accommodate the reception, bicycle hire, a meeting room, sanitary facilities for the marina, offices and wellness facilities. There will also be various hotel suites. These luxurious suites will offer every possible comfort, and each room will have unique lines of sight. You can admire the marina and the Zoommeer or enjoy the peaceful view of the resort and the Oosterschelde.

*Currently, we are only carrying out the construction work on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. The work may cause some noise nuisance, but we are doing our best to keep any nuisance to a minimum during your stay.


Zeeland Delta Works

It all started in 1979, with the construction of the Oesterdam. The dam is one of the best-known Zeeland Delta Works and aimed to divide the waters of Zeeland and South Holland in order to improve freshwater management and shipping in these waters. The construction of the Oesterdam helped to create the Zoommeer, a freshwater lake with an unusual story. It is located on the spot where the historic city of Reimerswaal once stood.


In preparation for the 'city of the future', Antwerp is immersing itself in numerous innovative projects, partnerships and experiments. This is clearly evident when you visit the city of Antwerp, as the city provides plenty of scope for new initiatives. Antwerp is a dynamic city which is full of culture, architecture, fashion, gastronomy and shopping. When you visit Antwerp, make sure not to miss Het Zuid (the South district) and the Het Eilandje (the Little Island). Het Zuid attracts many visitors as a result of its stately mansions, wide boulevards and attractive squares.


Art lovers will find plenty to do, given the numerous art galleries and museums such as the FOMU and M HKA. Thanks to its many lively cafés and restaurants, Het Zuid is also a popular place to meet. The oldest port area in Antwerp, Het Eilandje (the Little Island) is appropriately named, as it is entirely surrounded by water. These days the port activity is concentrated more in the north, but the original feel of the district is still very much intact. Experience the old atmosphere of the landing quay with its monumental warehouses, lanterns, hangars and cobblestones. Three popular attractions, the MAS | Museum aan de Stroom, the Red Star Line Museum and the Havenhuis, only serve to highlight the city's connection with the water.


Antwerp is practically synonymous with fashion. Over the past 25 years, more and more trendy labels and independent designers have settled in this city on the river Scheldt. Fans of shopping and new discoveries will love it here. Antwerp has been investing in fashion for years. You will find it here in every conceivable form: the ModeNatie is the creative fashion heart of Antwerp. It houses the Modemuseum (MOMU), the famous fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI). The Antwerp Six (Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yee, Dirk Van Saene, Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten) all graduated from the Antwerp fashion academy.


The Antwerp Six conquered the international fashion world and placed the city firmly on the fashion map. Designers such as Tim Van Steenbergen, Véronique Branquinho, A.F. Vandervorst, Kris Van Assche, Haider Ackermann and Bruno Pieters followed in their footsteps. These days, the fashion department attracts talent from all over the world and many great opportunities are followed up. Many designers stay in Antwerp and set up their labels here. Their boutiques complement the famous fashion houses which are based in the city. Great news for all fashion lovers! They will find everything they need to make a ​​successful fashion statement.


Jannis Brevet rose to prominence working in various renowned restaurants both at home and abroad. On various occasions, kitchens have earned coveted Michelin stars in his capable hands. His menu at Inter Scaldes is characterised by influences from the Zeeland waters. Eastern Scheldt (seasonal) lobster, oysters, mussels and sea bass are carefully balanced with the best of land-based products, such as Zeeland suckling lamb, the famous vegetables marsh samphire and sea lavender and naturally cheese and fruit from the Beveland polder. Inter Scaldes was awarded a 3rd Michelin star in 2018. If you would like to eat here during your visit, we will be happy to organise this for you.



Just a few minutes by car from Waterrijk Oesterdam, you will find the Bergse Diepsluis, a special diving location (81). This is an excellent spot for amateur divers; at the end of the tidal waters, there is hardly any current. Besides the many oysters and shellfish, there are plenty of lobsters and crabs to be seen nearby. In June, this is a very special place as the squid and cuttlefish come here to lay their eggs.

The entire island of Tholen is a great destination for diving fans, with various locations that offer great diving. The same applies to the diving location Gorishoek - De Veenblokken (78b). The name De Blokken refers to the huge peat blocks at this diving location. There are few diving locations in Zeeland where the sea bed consists of peat.

Or consider diving location Stavenisse Veerweg (77). This is well worth a visit, all year round. Sometimes you will make unbelievable discoveries here. In the winter months, you can see plenty of whelks which come here to mate and lay eggs. The whelk is a marine snail which grows to around 10 cm and can live for 20 to 30 years. Most people are familiar with its shell which, when you hold it up to your ear, seems to make the sound of the sea.

Finally, there is the diving location Gemaal - Dicky's Place (79A). The bed of this diving location consists of sand, clay and peat. This combination makes the underwater life and the soil structure unique.



The Eastern Scheldt is the largest and wettest national park in the Netherlands. It is a world of tides, wind and above all water, a lot of water. The landscape is constantly changing because of the tides. At low tide, you can see the sandbanks and mudflats and at high tide there is an interplay between the wind and the water. Under the water, you will find a wonderfully colourful world. Behind the dikes, you will find reminders of the lives of the Zeelanders and the sea in the form of so-called cart fields, inlets and creek regions. The park offers numerous activities. In July, the mudflats colour purple when the sea lavender flowers. It's an impressive sight.

Special water villas on open water

On open water, in the middle of National Park Oosterschelde, Waterrijk Oesterdam offers special water villas in every respect.


    The luxury water villas are made of natural materials and the brown-grey tints make them appear to merge seamlessly into their surroundings. People who love peace and luxury will feel perfectly at home here – like fish in water.

    Outdoor Elements, part of Waterrijk Oesterdam, provides various land and water-based activities in a unique location at the heart of the Oesterdam and surrounded by water. We will be happy to help you choose.
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