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Largo Noordzee Resort Vlissingen

Zeeland, Netherlands


The new dune lodges and urban villas of LARGO Noordzee Resort Vlissingen form part of the redevelopment of campsite De Nolle and are located at the foot of the dunes and Vlissingen boulevard. The villas and lodges are located at the transition between the city and the beach, where nature and culture meet, behind the dunes and Vlissingen boulevard.


Vlissingen offers various sights for lovers of history and architecture, such as Panorama Walcheren in the former machine factory, the museum and maritime attraction Het Arsenaal, the Oranjemolen windmill, the Belgian art nouveau houses (loodshuizen), the Gevangentoren and Watertoren towers, the Beeldenhuis city palace, the historic Lampsinshuis which houses the Maritime MuZEEum Zeeland, the Keizersbolwerk fortress, Het Beursgebouw stock exchange, Uncle Beach and the Timmerfabriek.

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    250 metres from the wide, sandy Blue Flag beach

    Combine the best of both worlds: the urban nature of the coastal city of Vlissingen and the infinite possibilities offered by the beach, the sea and Walcheren as your green backyard. Culture & shopping within walking distance. Where the sea meets the city

    There are various top restaurants in the immediate vicinity.
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The ‘beach-style’ lodges are draped against the dunes of the 2-kilometre boulevard. It is the only boulevard in Europe which faces fully south. On the other side of the dunes, literally a stone's throw away, there are no less than six beaches, the characterful city of Vlissingen which offers many different facilities and events and the Nollestrand in its attractive lagoon. With your feet in the dune sand, in the heart of nature and still in the city.


The ‘urban’ villas face fully south and therefore capture all the rays of the sun. The distinctive semi-circular roofs of the villas are covered with sedum moss which forms a natural layer of insulation – not to mention an attractive green ‘buffer’ towards the city. Wake up to a view of the greenery on the edge of the dunes. The salty sea air will waft into the bedroom of your Urban Leisure Villa, while the sun shines its first morning rays over the edge of the boulevard and inside. A great start to a wonderful day.


Vlissingen is a lively city with maritime roots that helped shape its modern-day character. Its history goes back many centuries, as far back as the year 620. It is unpolished and colourful, with the beach and boulevard just a few minutes' walk from the city centre where monumental squares and modern architecture alternate. Here, you can enjoy a wide range of restaurants, brasseries and cafés, as well as cinemas and museums such as Het Arsenaal.


The Timmerfabriek is a venue where you can eat, dance, drink, watch movies and have meetings. The striking industrial premises resembles a big, white cruise ship in Vlissingen's inner harbour. It is both rugged and stylish.

Various events take place at the Timmerfabriek all year round, from conferences and private parties to major dance events. It is managed by BOEi, a non-profit organisation which focuses on giving industrial buildings a new life.

In past summers, the Timmerfabriek has been transformed into a restaurant. In the capable hands of chef Michel Louws, who earned his spurs in various Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury resorts, this restaurant is going back to the basics: wonderful ingredients, honest flavours, pure food. And all in a factory where the woodwork and furniture for luxury cruise ships was once crafted.

Timmer Fabriek


Why not enjoy an impressive Sea Safari along the mouth of the River Scheldt from Vlissingen? You will be sailing on one of the busiest shipping routes in the world. Passing some of the biggest seagoing vessels in the world, you can naturally also admire the sea lions on the sandbanks.


Film by the Sea is a film and literature festival which has been well known in Zeeland and far beyond since 1999. Over 46,000 visitors now come to the port city of Vlissingen every year to spend 10 days immersing themselves in the best of the film and book worlds. Well-known and less well-known films and documentaries are shown, competitions are held and there are lectures and concerts. Many actors, writers and directors, from old hands to young talents, also like to put in an appearance at the festival.

The unique location by the sea and the surprising programme make Film by the Sea well worth visiting every year, from the opening gala to the final party. In 2018, the 20th edition of Film by the Sea will take place on 16 September. Running parallel to the festival is Film by the Sea through the Year, a programme which shows an unusual film every week. 



In September of each year, the Arsenaal Theatre hosts a major tasting event with over 500 varieties of whisky. Whisky importers meet here to introduce interested visitors to their products or to allow more advanced whisky lovers to explore the deeper secrets of the whisky mystery. There are also masterclasses in which a well-known 'connoisseur' will dive deeper into flavour, the distillation process or origin.


Cuisine Machine is an unusual, interactive food exhibition which attracts around 20,000 visitors every year. In the maritime heart of Vlissingen in June, on the site of the former shipyard De Schelde, you will find dozens of food trucks, bands, DJs, a swing ride, wine courses and plenty of other entertainment.

Culinair dineren


Zeeland excels in the area of Michelin-starred restaurants and has more per capita than anywhere else. Not without good reason, as Zeeland is renowned for its culinary delights which generally involve outstanding local products. The Michelin star is awarded to restaurants which excel in the culinary and service arena and serves as an important appraisal of the gastronomic quality. In a setting with the most fertile agricultural land and the sea on all sides, it should come as no surprise that Zeeland has so many culinary delights to offer. Fabulous oysters, lobsters and plenty of fish – the top chefs in Zeeland transform them into the most exquisite creations. As a result, you are guaranteed a culinary evening which is full of sensational flavours.

In the immediate vicinity of LARGO Noordzee Resort Vlissingen, you will find the following Michelin-starred restaurants, among others: De Kromme Watergang **, the kitchen of Edwin and Blanche Vinken is based on the earthy and salty flavours of the local products, transformed into delicious dishes which tie in with the Zeeland and Flemish landscape. Spetters *, chef Laurent Smallegange learned the ropes at top restaurants such as Oud Sluis and the Librije and serves unique dishes.


Discover Zeeland and Flanders with the Westerschelde Ferry. You couldn't find a more attractive crossing between Vlissingen and Breskens. The Westerschelde Ferry is intended for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The Fast Ferries which travel between Breskens and Vlissingen are both fast and comfortable. You can sit in aircraft seats inside, but there are also a limited number of benches outside in the fresh air. The crossing only lasts 20 minute and gives you a wonderful view of the coast of Walcheren and Zeelandic Flanders on the way. On the Westerschelde, large seagoing vessels make their way towards Antwerp and you will also see attractive yachts from the marinas at Breskens and Vlissingen, among others.



Written in salt

The sea can provide both relaxation and inspiration

Relaxing on the beach or the waterfront with a good book is many people's idea of a dream holiday. But writing yourself is also an option. The sea can provide both relaxation and inspiration.

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The sea can provide both relaxation and inspiration


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