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LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer

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A regal feeling

A regal feeling is exactly what you will be experiencing at Largo Harbour Village. The king-sized and exclusive holiday villas are situated on the water's edge, each with its own built-in boathouse and private jetty. The area itself has a royal aspect to it, historically speaking. The Zilveren Schor was once gifted to Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard by the Dutch people. 'Developing Largo Harbour Village required gaining the permission of the King. He wished us every success in our venture.'


Zilverenschorweg 1
4341 PL Arnemuiden
LARGO Harbour Village Villa
LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer uitzicht op meer


At Resort Largo Harbour Village, you can choose between 6-person and 8-person villas. The luxurious water villas all have their own unique elements, like a roof terrace to enjoy the expansive views safe from the breeze. Some have a south-oriented setting, while others feature a jacuzzi, sauna or hammam. Find out what each villa has to offer specifically.

Good to know

We would like to point out that the resort is still under construction. Nuisance is limited to a minimum, but we cannot fully exclude this. If you have any questions about this, please contact us via 088-0458458 or via email


The deposit of € 1500 per stay must be paid at least 4 weeks prior to the arrival date. As long as there is not reason to retain it, the deposit will then be returned 1 week after your departure.  

Booking conditions for Harbour Village

The Water Villas may only be rented for recreational purposes;
Reservations for groups or gatherings of persons under the age of 25 are not permitted;
You are not permitted to organise parties, student events, hen/stag events and/or drinks parties in or around the water villas;
Groups that fall outside the above criteria will be required to pay a deposit of € 500 per person. The park reception will contact you in this regard before the reservation is confirmed.


In building the villas, sustainable, innovative and recyclable construction materials were exclusively chosen. Four-seasons glass was used for the gigantic picture windows, for instance, which keeps rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. The Zeeland climate and the salty sea air are kept in mind in every aspect. Special Platowood timber has been used as the villas' natural cladding, which is able to counter specific Zeeland weather conditions. A steam treatment and heat process have been used to increase the material's sustainability. Without the use of chemicals, the timber is salt, wind, water and microorganism-resistant. The timber retains its natural beauty for ages, while staving off wood decay. It is an ecologically sound alternative to tropical hardwood. Sustainability and environmental friendliness are essential factors at Resort Largo Harbour Village. 


To enhance the resort's atmosphere even further, the greenery has been designed to showcase the villas and reflect the natural Zeeland landscape. Willow and alder trees, along with various grasses, create wonderful natural transitions, which are well suited to withstand the silty sea and wind.


Be sure to take a trip to one of the dozen freely accessible islands dotting the waters. If you're lucky, you could spot seals basking, deer or various rare birds. The beaches are a pleasure to visit, and relaxing walks await. In the immediate surroundings are several large marinas, with a total capacity of 3500 vessels. Since salty seawater is let in to the lake from the Oosterschelde, the water is brackish, with varying salinity. Veerse Meer is indeed one of the few wildlife areas in the Netherlands that is home to increasingly rare creatures such as Zuiderzee crabs, bristle worms and Einhornia crustulenta, called palingbrood, or 'eel bread', by the Dutch.


Veerse Meer features countless water sports opportunities and wonderful nature. Boarding a sloop at your villa jetty at Resort Largo Harbour Village, you can take many marvellous trips. There are a number of large marinas in the near vicinity. However, great boating is not your only option: diving, water-skiing, swimming, windsurfing and wakeboarding are just some of the other possibilities. Due to the lack of tides with the direct connection to the North Sea cut off, the clear waters of the lake provide an excellent location for divers and windsurfers. The water is so clear that you can spot oysters lying in the depths. Resort Largo Harbour Village is one of Veerse Meer's prime diving spots.



Oysters, Oosterschelde lobster, mussels and wonderful fresh fish. These are just a few of Zeeland's culinary delights known as Zeeuwse Zaligheden that feature on local menus. The province of Zeeland boasts the largest number of Michelin star restaurants given the size of its population. A fascinating culinary quest awaits. Explore wonderful menus featuring Oosterschelde lobster, oysters and fresh fish. Enjoy marbled lamb and newly harvested vegetables, since nearly all of Zeeland's top chefs have elevated using local produce to a fine art.


The picturesque town of Veere is just a stone's throw away from Largo Harbour Village resort. This medieval town – once a powerful centre of trade – invites visitors to wander and discover its ancient little streets and the many monuments recalling Veere's heyday. Charming fishing village Arnemuiden is equally alluring, with some local residents still donning traditional clothing, just to stay true to tradition.


There are also many appealing larger towns to visit nearby on Walcheren, such as Middelburg, Zierikzee and Vlissingen. Or head off for the many wonderful historical cities of our neighbouring country to the South: romantic Brugge, shopping delight Antwerp or fairytale Ghent with its impressive cathedrals. Another place you shouldn't miss is seaside Knokke, with its classic cosmopolitan allure. 

Relax completely

Veerse Meer, which is referred to by many who appreciate it as 'the pearl of Zeeland', is home to the wonderful, spacious villas of Largo Harbour Village. It's the perfect place to fully relax. Take your boat straight onto the Veerse Meer for a fantastic outing, visiting the most pristine and spacious beaches in the Netherlands. Visit picturesque towns like Veere and Middelburg, the attractive provincial capital of Zeeland, and enjoy a sumptuous lunch featuring fresh-caught lobster and fish in one of Zeeland's many fine restaurants. When you dock again at your villa, you can raise a glass of crisp Chardonnay on your terrace. Sophisticated cities like Domburg, Knokke and Antwerp are just a stone's throw away, there are countless water sports possibilities for recreation on the Veerse Meer, and of course endless sun, sea and sandy beaches to make every moment count.


    When the villas were being designed, the relationship with the water took centre stage. The Largo Harbour Village canals allow you to sail right up to your villa to dock. Be sure to enjoy this special luxury.
  • Zeeland's ultimate water sports El Dorado

    One of the many reasons that the Veerse Meer is renowned as Zeeland's ultimate water sports El Dorado is the fact that there are no tides. Sailing, surfing, water skiing, canoeing and swimming: the options are endless.
  • Natural Zeeland

    In building the villas, sustainable, innovative and recyclable construction materials were chosen. To enhance the resort's atmosphere even further, the greenery has been designed to showcase the villas and reflect the natural Zeeland landscape.
  • Just Relux

    Of course, you will enjoy our hotel service during your stay with, among other things, made beds, bed & bath linen, a LARGO Coffee & Tea experience, the LARGO amenity box and a complete final cleaning.
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Marije Romkes

September 8, 2020

Perfecte locatie, moderne, gezellige villa vlak bij het water

  • Accommodation
    Accommodation: 100
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning: 100
  • Luxury
    Luxury: 100
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance: 100
  • General accomodation
    General accomodation: 100
  • Reception
    Reception: 70


August 31, 2020
  • General accomodation
    General accomodation: 90
  • Recommendation
    Recommendation: 90
  • Corona
    Corona: 50
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning: 80
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance: 100
  • Accommodation
    Accommodation: 100
  • Luxury
    Luxury: 100
  • SuitePad
    SuitePad: 70


October 2, 2019
  • General accomodation
    General accomodation: 80
  • Recommendation
    Recommendation: 80
  • Reception
    Reception: 80
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning: 80
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance: 80
  • Accommodation
    Accommodation: 80
  • Luxury
    Luxury: 80

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