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LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer

8 accommodationsZeeland, The Netherlands

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English style on the shores of the Veerse Meer

LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer is located on the shores of the Veerse Meer, near the village of Kamperland. The estate features a combination of nature and accommodation. Everything been designed in typical English style, which is especially reflected in the stately apartment complex. A beautiful pond, a wide variety of trees and plants, and both traditional and modern recreation homes make this a tranquil destination for your holiday.


Camperveer 1-26
LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Veere

Villa Helena

The stately apartment building, Villa Helena, is located on the shore of the large pond. The style is inspired by the Romanticism of the early 19th century. There are two apartments on each of the three floors. The building has a south-facing terrace overlooking the pond for you to enjoy.


Only a small portion of LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer has been made available for villas and apartments. Besides Villa Helena, there is only space for 15 villas. Situated on spacious plots, these villas blend seamlessly into the vast estate. The villas offer the utmost luxury and comfort, giving you the freedom to fully enjoy your holiday in peace, quiet and lots of space.

Good to know

For groups we charge a deposit of € 500 per person. The reception will contact you for this before finalising your booking.

In relation to the current COVID-19 situation, as of 20 August 2020, there will be no parties and/or events held in the accommodation. The building will apply a maximum occupancy level which equates to the number of persons for which the villa was booked. Groups or larger gatherings will not be permitted. The ban on parties and/or events applies to existing and future reservations and until the measures can be relaxed. We are taking these measures to ensure the safety and health of both you and our employees.

LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Veerse Meer

Unique nature reserve

The Veerse Meer offers many possibilities. A trip to one of the freely accessible islands nearby is certainly worth your while. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some sea lions, blue herons and rare bird species. There’s also plenty to do on the shores of the Veerse Meer. Go for stroll along the water's edge or relax on one of the beaches. The water in the Veerse Meer is brackish with a variable salt content, due to the inflow of salt water from the Eastern Scheldt. This makes the Veerse Meer a unique habitat where increasingly rare species such as Zuiderzee crabs, Australian tubeworms and sea mats flourish.

Water sports

The Veerse Meer offers a wide range of possibilities for water sports. The wetland features several large marinas, but a leisurely boat trip isn’t the only thing you can do. If you fancy a high-energy activity, you can also go diving, water skiing, swimming, surfing or wakeboarding. The lake is also an ideal place for divers and surfers due to its lack of tides. The water is so clear that you can see oysters lying on the lake floor.

LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Watersport
LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Zilte zaligheden

Savour Zeeland’s culinary delights

At many restaurants in Zeeland, you can enjoy the region’s salty delights such as oysters, Eastern Scheldt lobster and mussels. You don’t have to look very far to find a special culinary experience in Zeeland: the province boasts the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita, which means a culinary surprise is always just around the corner. Visit any one of these starred restaurants and you’ll be sure to encounter Zeeland delicacies in the fascinating dishes. The top chefs in Zeeland love to include local products in their creations.

A powerful trade city in its heyday

In Veere, you can spend hours roaming around and exploring all the old streets and monuments: visible reminders of the glory days of what was once a powerful trade city. The fishing village of Arnemuiden is just a few kilometres away. In this charming town, some local residents still dress in traditional clothing.

LARGO Harbour Village Veerse Meer Veere
LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer Strand

Miles of beaches

Located on the beautiful island of Noord-Beveland, LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer has several great beaches within easy reach. Spots like the vast Banjaardstrand will capture your imagination. Here you can enjoy the warm Zeeland sun with a cool breeze in the summer, and during the other seasons you can go for a refreshing walk.

Enjoy nature

LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer is located on a spacious estate on the shores of the Veerse Meer: a perfect place to enjoy the nature around you. Go for a stroll along the Veerse Meer or one of the largest and cleanest beaches in the Netherlands. Explore historic towns like Veere and Middelburg. With a city like Antwerp close by, plenty of water sports activities on the Veerse Meer, and the sea and beaches just a short distance away, you have everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.

  • Become one with nature

    Villas and apartments cover only 3% of the LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer estate. The large pond and lush greenery create a breathtaking setting that seamlessly blends in with the surrounding nature.
  • Water sports on the Veerse Meer

    The Veerse Meer’s lack of tides makes it the number one hotspot for water sports in Zeeland. You can head to the lake for activities like sailing, surfing, diving, water skiing, canoeing and swimming.
  • Romanticism

    The stately apartment complex was built in English style and inspired by Romanticism. The combination with the modern architecture of the villas is certainly a sight to see.
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LARGO Domein Het Camperveer Veerse Meer Wolkenveld boven Veerse Meer

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August 18, 2020

Prachtige locatie !! Dichtbij Veerse meer en accomodatie is super.. Kortom echte aanrader

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    Accommodation: 100
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    Cleaning: 90
  • Luxury
    Luxury: 80
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    Maintenance: 90
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    General accomodation: 90


July 10, 2020
  • General accomodation
    General accomodation: 80
  • Recommendation
    Recommendation: 80
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning: 100
  • Maintenance
    Maintenance: 90
  • Accommodation
    Accommodation: 100
  • Luxury
    Luxury: 50
  • Corona
    Corona: 100

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