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Cadzand-Bad - Zeeland

Cadzand-Bad is a seaside town in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, combining the best of both Zealand and Flanders. Cadzand-Bad is located on the most southerly point of the Dutch coast near The Zwin nature reserve on the Belgian border. The beach at Cadzand-Bad is the longest beach in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, with a length of 11km. In the seaside town you will find LARGO De Parade Cadzand-Bad and LARGO Penthouse Duinhof Cadzand-Bad.

'Heilzame Zeebadplaats' ('healing spa resort')

In the past Cadzand-Bad was a modest seaside town, but today this seaside it is proudly dominated by grandiose buildings. The nouveaux riche fled Knokke, one of Belgium's most famous beach resorts, in search of a place where peace, space and relaxation took on a true meaning. Along with Domburg, Cadzand-Bad is the only Dutch seaside resort allowed to use the title 'Heilzame Zeebadplaats' ('healing spa resort'). This coastal location is healthy for both mind and body. A coastal resort receives the designation 'healing' only if the effects of the seawater, climate and sand have been tested and declared healing. Cadzand-Bad's sea air with a low pollen count and the powerful seawater contain health-boosting factors which help contribute to human vitality. 


Long sandy beach

This coastal town has a long sandy beach and is surrounded by stunning sand dunes. The beach at Cadzand-Bad has been voted 'The Netherlands Most Beautiful Beach' a number of times. In 2019 the beach received its 16th international ‘Blue Flag’ environmental award, which guarantees outstanding water quality for bathing and an immaculately well-kept beach. During your day at the beach, why not enjoy one of the Cadzand-Bad's many beach bars. The best known of these are The Piraat, Strand Ruig, Dok 14 and Moio Beach. 

Ideal way to relax

There numerous activities available on the beach at Cadzand-Bad. Yoga at the beach is the ideal way to relax your body and mind. Moio Beach offers Hatha Yogs lessons. Cadzand Sports provides lessons in kitesurfing, powerkiting and bootcamp, as  well as the chance to go paddleboarding in groups. 

Het Zwin

'International Airport for Birds'

Cadzand is located in the Zwin region. The famous 75 hectrare Het Zwin nature reserve is right on the North Sea and straddles the Dutch-Belgian border. The Het Zwin Nature Reserve has also been called the 'International Airport for Birds'. Many types of birds, such as cormorants, storks, redshanks and kestrels, follow the coast and use the surrounding nature areas to rest or to search for food. 

The most sophisticated city in the Benelux

On the other side of Het Zwin is the most sophisticated city in the Benelux: Knokke. Knokke is one of the most fashionable and best-known coastal in Belgium. Knokke is a very beloved city, with its long boulevard, wide beaches, Gouden shopping district, markets and more than 250 restaurants. 


Culinary highlights

In a region with some of the most fertile soil and sea on all sides, it is no wonder that Zeeland has the largest number of Michelin starred restaurants  in the Netherlands, with seven across the province. The Zwin Region also offers plenty of undiscovered culinary highlights. Cadzand-Bad boasts at least five Michelin starred restaurants, including PureC in Cadzand-Bad (**), De Kromme Watergang in Hoofdplaat (**), Spetters in Breskens (*), ’t Vlasbloemeken in Koewacht (*) and La Trinité in Sluis (*).

Sergio Herman –  Photography: Chantal Arnts

Het zuidelijkste puntje van de Nederlandse kust ontdekken

Genieten in luxe

Heerlijk ontspannen in een luxe vakantiehuis met uitzicht over het Zuidelijkste puntje van de Nederlandse kustlijn. Dat is wat Rory Blokzijl met haar gezinnetje deed. Zij verbleef in het LARGO Penthouse Duinhof Cadzand-Bad. Dichtbij de zee en aan het einde van Boulevard de Wielingen, hét centrum van Cadzand-Bad. Lees hieronder haar 'kleine ontdekkingstocht'. 

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Genieten in luxe

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