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Villa Baan Wanora

Koh Samui, ThailandMax. 10 personen. Vanaf €990 per nacht.
Villa Baan Wanora Koh Samui Thailand
Ondergaande zon op het strand

Indoors and outdoors flow together seamlessly

Villa Baan Wanora was originally built to be a luxury family home that can accommodate up to 10 people with six bedrooms, and was lovingly designed and furnished to meet every need and desire. The villa exudes a lively beauty. Indoors and outdoors flow together seamlessly, a testimony to the close attention paid to the architecture. Glorious views are an ever present backdrop.

Slaapkamer Villa Baan Wanora Koh Samui Thailand
Slaapkamer Villa Baan Wanora Koh Samui Thailand
Woonkamer Villa Baan Wanora Koh Samui Thailand
Zwembad met uitzicht op zee Villa Baan Wanora Koh Samui Thailand

Kaleidoscopic colours touch the evening sky

The villa has a unique central feature: a gorgeous butterfly pond. The garden shines with the simple elegance of exotic beach living. Live orchids are attached to every palm tree, the native plantings flower in this lush tropical oasis. The scent of the widely planted jasmine and frangipani trees fill the warm evening breezes as the kaleidoscopic colours touch the evening sky.

  • Elegant central feature

    The panoramic terrace on the beach next to the swimming pool with perfect views of sand and sea follow the dramatic sight lines of the infinity pool. The salt water swimming pool creates an elegant central feature in this well-designed space.
  • 42 islands, from limestone mountains to white sandy beaches, from waterfalls to dense jungle

    Be amazed by Ang Thong National Park. A protected area of more than 200 square kilometres of land and sea, and home to a variety of exotic animals.
  • Hospitality professionals

    The Villa is fully staffed. The experienced private chef and her team prepare a wide range of delicious dishes for you each day, along with a full cocktail menu and choice of outstanding wines from the cellar.

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  • Air conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Parking spots at holiday accommodation: 3
  • Wi-Fi (free)


  • Bath
  • Bathroom(s): 2
  • Bathroom en suite
  • Private pool


  • Bicycles
  • Garden
  • Pool bar
  • Sunbed(s)

Just Relux

  • Chef
  • Housekeeping
  • Infinity pool


  • Ceiling ventilator
  • Computer
  • DVD player
  • Smart TV
  • Telephone
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Clean & charismatic

The infinity pool has a unique pool bar that gives an interesting twist to the clean design of this charismatic swimming pool. The surrounding spacious covered terraces offer relaxing places to chill during the heat of the day. You can sunbathe on the swimming pool terraces or on the soft sandy shores of Laem Sor beach.

Safe haven

Koh Samui is perhaps Thailand's best-known island. In terms of size, it is the country's third-largest island, covering 250 square kilometres. Exactly when the island was settled remains unknown, but the first fishermen set up camp here some 1,500 years ago. On maps dating back to China's Ming Dynasty era, Koh Samui is labelled 'Culo Cornam'. This name was later changed to Koh Samui, which supposedly derives from the Chinese word for 'safe haven'.

Ang Thong National Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park is a beautiful archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. The surroundings are absolutely stunning, with towering limestone peaks, dense jungle, white sandy beaches, lovely mangroves, waterfalls and hidden bays and lakes, all just waiting to be explored. You can see it from the villa.

Turtle Island

Koh Tao means Turtle Island and may very well be the best diving destination in Thailand. The hilly island's pristine white sandy beaches are surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand. The lively coral reefs are home to a wide variety of unique and colourful tropical sea creatures, including turtles.

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