To give people a unique (holiday) memory by letting them optimally enjoy exclusive accommodations at unique top locations in the world. That was the starting point when Largo was introduced in 2014. A dream came true when Largo first saw the light of day in Antwerp, Belgium. 

The office and the people, established in Antwerp at the time, represent what Largo is: exclusive, luxurious, dedicated, personal.  The head office is now established in Kamperland, Zeeland and will move to Goes in the Spring of 2019. A special office will emerge on an equally special location - an architectural masterpiece - designed by RoosRos Architecten - a characteristic presence. 

‘Largo's dream’ has grown wings in the past years. The range has strongly increased and is still growing. The coming years Largo will realise at least 10 new resorts with over 1,000 accommodations at home and abroad. Right now, Largo offers a number of stylish, full-service accommodations at the North Sea coast. Accommodations with an international flair, villas in the Netherlands similar to those in Marbella or Saint-Tropez. Places where one feels at home because of the small-scale setting, the ease and privacy of the luxurious villas. The villas are contemporary in architecture with high-class materials, spacious, with a homelike atmosphere and equipped with modern amenities. In addition, Largo offers various ‘specials’, an exclusive selection of dream villas at prime locations in the world. 

Water in any shape whatsoever, from sea to lake and pond, is an essential and vital element for Largo in the selection of location and object. Water brings relaxation and inspiration. The sun on your face, the sparkling water, time to live. Sand and sea, salty and sweet. The sea has a unique, distinct gift as well: it makes your worries go away. The negative hydrogen Ions in the sea air function as a sort of 'vacuum cleaner of negative energy', which makes your worries literally disappear after a walk on the beach or a day of sunbathing on the beach. By handpicking all locations, where quality and unicity are leading, Largo creates a unique range that you won't find anywhere else. 

But it's not only about renting out these special accommodations. Largo facilitates and makes your life easier. Largo is, as it were, a ‘wedding planner’ for holidays. If the guest wants a butler, a chauffeur, a sailing boat or a private chef Largo gets it done. A balloon ride, a garden concert are possible as well. During each stay, the guest enjoys a unique, personal hotel-service. Upon arrival the beds have been made, the fridge filled (if you wish), and one can enjoy various amenities, a coffee & tea line exclusively developed for Largo and you don't have to worry about cleaning upon departure. Largo takes care of everything for its guests. 

A trip, of course, has to fit you. Whether you go by yourself, with your partner, your family, with a group of friends or the entire family. Largo has developed a special travel compass to this end. With the help of this personal travel compass it is possible to enter your own, personal preferences which means you are guaranteed a tailor-made trip. You will receive suggestions that meet your wishes.

Just Relux

Just Relux is at the heart of the story behind Largo. Carefree enjoyment, uninhibited. Joie de vivre. That is how we gain new experiences and create memories. Largo enables you to make the most beautiful and most exclusive travel stories.


Do you have any questions about the availability of a villa, apartment or other accommodation, or about possible activities at the location or LARGO in general? If so, please contact us. We are online and will handle your enquiry immediately.


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